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I wintnessed the birth of Europe by Paul Collowald


From Strasbourg to Bruxelles, the itinerary of a pioneer of the European construction

No, Europe is not dead! Paul Collowald is shouting "wake up" and he is sending a message of hope as response to the ambient Euroscepticism. He is telling us the short and the long history of Europe as he has experienced it since 1948: his meeting with Robert Schuman, who was determinant on a personal and professional level; the negotiations for the choice of the European flag; how the absence of political willpower has often slowed down Europe ... This book of interviews with Sophie Allaux-Izoard follows the life of a pioneer of the European construction who is impatient, concerned but doesn’t resign. Paul Collowald invites the Europeans of all generations to understand that Europe is not only a beautiful heritage. It’s also a great political project and its future depends on the ability of policy makers to persist and to reinvent

Preface and 4th cover of JACQUES DELORS, ex-president of the European Commission


The author

PAUL COLLOWALD was a correspondent for the newspaper Le Monde in Strasbourg, before being recruited in high-level posts in the European institutions. In the European Commission he was the spokesman of two Vice-Presidents, Robert Marjolin and Raymond Barre, then Director in the Directorate-General “Press and Information”.

Shortly after, he became Director of the Information Service in the European Parliament, then Head of the Private Office of President Pierre Pflimlin. Paul Collowald is a specialist of the institutional aspects of the Economic and Monetary Union. He is passionate about the Schuman Declaration of the 9th May 1950 – which is to his eyes the founding act of the European construction as well as of the Franco-German reconciliation – that he is recounting some of its not so well known vagaries.

Paul Collowald is the President of Robert Schuman Association and Vice-President of the Robert Schuman European Centre.

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