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'For Europe' - 4th edition

(available in French, English and German)


Today's Europe is directly derived from the "Schuman Declaration" of 9 May 1950. It follows the same method and keeps the same goals. It is necessary to re-read the only work that this "Father of Europe" dedicated to this adventure, dream at the beginning inaccessible become a tangible reality, to understand its approach and the political stakes of this peaceful and voluntary construction of the unity of the continent as such unpublished in history. In the very particular context of the time, which he recalls, he does not elude any of the questions that one can legitimately feed with regard to the European project: the nation, federalism, culture, the roots of the Europe. And under his pen, rather than confront each other, the states and peoples of Europe add up; a political and voluntary Europe, rich in diversity but strong in unity. This vision remains a necessity for Europe today and a requirement to imagine its future.



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'Robert Schuman, Father of Europe'

(avaiable in French and English)


A book like Robert Schuman, who liked to repeat that to succeed in politics you have to be modest. The book traces with great emotion and analytical finesse the stages of the life and work of Robert Schuman, from his youth in a suburb of Luxembourg to the presidency of the European Parliament, not to mention his ministerial responsibilities and , of course, the declaration of 9 May 1950, the first step in the unification of the European continent.




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'Vasco et Pomina partent à la découverte du monde'  

Tome 1 'L'Europe'

(available in French)


Learn Europe from 5 years old!

The Robert Schuman European Center (CERS) offers primary school teachers a fun educational book that teaches children from 5 years old! Discover Europe with your students thanks to Vasco and Pomina!

Throughout the pages of this first volume devoted to the European continent, we discover each country, geographic salocation and the main information that characterize it. Each country is illustrated in color within the continent to allow students to easily remember their location. It is also possible to memorise them in an imaginative way.

The last page allows you to continue learning while having fun and testing your knowledge!


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'Comme une bouteille à la mer'

The Message of Peace from Fiquelmont

(avaialble in French and soon in German)


July 1916

In the village of Fiquelmont, during the Battle of Verdun, German soldiers write a letter that is a message of peace to future generations. They slip it into a bottle that they hide in the roof of the attic of the farm where they are quartered.85 ans plus tard, par le plus grand des hasards, leur lettre est découverte...

Here is its extraordinary journey...










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'Robert Schuman, un Mosellan au coeur de l'Europe'

Historical Comic Book

(available in French)


This comic book evokes, through the life of Robert Schuman, the important events of the twentieth century: a pleasant way to discover European history and the fight of the "Fathers of Europe" to guarantee peace on the continent and thus ensure the future of present and future generations.





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