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Borrowing an Exhibition from the CERS

Borrow an Exhibition from the CERS on various European topics!


1)    History and Institutions

This exhibition retraces the major steps of the European construction from 1950 to present day and presents the institutions, their roles, their organisations and their actions.

6 exhibition panels (50 x 70 cm).


2)    Europe, a Story of Future

This exhibition retraces the major steps of the European construction.

It stresses the political integration and the main treaties that made the European unification stronger. Furthermore, the exhibition allows us to look towards the future of Europe by raising the issue of challenges of Europe in the world.

12 exhibition panels (80 x 12 cm).


3)    The Life and the Work of Robert Schuman, Father of Europe

Discover the "Father of Europe", his life, his ideas and the action of Robert Schuman, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of France and writer of the famous declaration of May 9th, 1950, which was a historic turning-point for peace in Europe with the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community.

This exhibition presents to visitors the historic context of the European Union to make them understand its goals and challenges. They can measure the importance of the action of Robert Schuman, who managed to reconcile the former adversaries after the Second World War, to establish a durable peace in Europe and lay the foundations of Europe in its current form.

18 exhibition panels (184 x 80 cm).

Bilingual exhibition in French and German.


4)    German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, the Maker of Europe

Discover the life and work of Konrad Adenauer, first German Chancellor and maker of the French-German reconciliation and European construction in collaboration with Robert Schuman.

This brilliant politician changed the face of post-war Germany and the course of European history. Since the end of the Second World War, he very quickly understood that a durable peace could happen only through the unification of Europe. In Germany, he is one the the heroes of the “economic miracle” that got the country back on its feet again – economically and politically – and modernized German society. In Europe, he worked for the rapprochement of France and Germany, pillar of the European construction, thanks to the support of Robert Schuman and later of Charles de Gaulle with whom he signed the Elysée Treaty in 1963, historic symbol of the friendship between these two nations but also between these two men.

14 panel boards (156 x 75 cm).


5)    Enlargement of the European Union

With 28 countries, the European Union is characterised by a historic, cultural and linguistic diversity that constitutes its wealth. This exhibition makes citizens, and more particularly the younger ones, aware of this unified Europe through history, geography, traditions, economy, cultures and languages of the different member states.

14 panel boards (50 x 70 cm)


6)   Europe: Dreams and Realities

On March 25th, 1957, six countries signed in Rome the treaties that realised the dream of unity of the visionaries from the continent. This exhibition retraces this European collective adventure so that the new generations learn to know and to understand its reasons and see its results.

18 panel boards (70 x 100 cm).


7)    France-Germany: Examples of Twinnings between Municipalities for the Construction of a lLving Europe

The twinnings are an essential and necessary element for European integration. They are a vehicle of exchanges and contribute to the creation of the civic and cultural community. In order to revitalise your partnership and find new and original ideas, the CERS can put an exhibition in French and in German at your disposal: it presents many new ideas for the enlivenment of municipal or associations twinnings. This exhibition should be used for work and is destinated to elected representatives, to the leaders of twinning committees or associations, to organisers or facilitators of meetings or exchanges. The CERS can lead your preparation meetings and help you to relaunch your twinning on a new basis.

65 panel boards (50 x 70 cm)


8)    The Alphabet Primer of Citizenship

Some high school students of the Greater Region have expressed their visions of citizenship through an “Alphabet primer of Citizenship” starting from pictures taken in their respective city illustrating an element that evokes the European citizenship. All the pictures have been gathered, captioned (in French and German) and assembled as a giant tarpaulin.

Size of the tarpaulin : 3.7m x 1.4m


Borrowing exhibitions is free – only transportation fees are at the expense of the borrower.