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Educationnal Tools


The development of pedagogical materials takes place within the management or within the various networks to which the CERS belongs.

Educational tools are downloadable from this website.

You can use them freely in your activities.

  1. Cross-border and European class projects from the Interregional Program for the Production of Teaching Materials (PIMT)
  2. Creation of educational game tools for European activities or transfer of knowledge on European integration
  3. European mobility incentive modules for young people in vocational training
  4. Creation of an argument Why learn the neighbour's language? and study on the added value of bilingualism
  5. An innovative approach to European citizenship training based on the perspective of the family and personal history of the learner with the history of European integration: REPERES is available in French, English and German languages
  6. Module I will vote! The choice is yours! designed for first-time votes for the European elections
  7. The teaching bag: enlargement of the European Union available in French, English, German, Croation, Bulgarian and Polish languages


You can even modify some supports to adapt them to your target public by respecting Creative Commons licenses: CC-BY-NC-SA:

CC: license for free use and dissemination

BY: the work may be freely used, provided that it is attributed to the author by mentioning his/her name

NC: no commercial use (commercial uses are subject to prior authorization by the CERS)

SA: share initial conditions identically (under the same Creative Commons options as the original work) for so-called derivative works offered to the public