European puzzle

Giant European puzzle: become familiar with European geography and cultures

This game aims to awaken and educate students on the geographical and cultural dimensions of Europe. They have a better command of the map of Europe and can cite the capitals of the member countries.

The participants must reconstruct the geographical dimension of Europe by assembling a giant puzzle. Thanks to the different colours of the countries, the puzzle recreates the history of European integration and delimits the borders of the Union. Each student contributes to building Europe.
In a second phase, participants are invited to reclassify a number of cultural indicators on the map of Europe. The activity leader will then start a discussion on the cultrual diversity of Europe and the commonly heard stereotypes, which are often erroneous. Information leaflets are distributed at the end to the participants.

Open to: students aged 9 years and up

Duration: 1 h 15

Price: 75 € per group of maximum 30 students


To the attention of teachers and their students: FRAGILE pieces; be careful with their handling! The CERS reserves the right to appeal to the school's insurance company in the event of damage done to one or more pieces and/or materials used in the activity.