European Scavenger Hunt

Go on a quest to uncover the stars of Europe...


This game allows young people to disvover the picturesque village as as the Father of Europe knew it and senstises them to the different charateristics of the Members States of the European Union.

New theme: 'Everyday Europe!'


Divided into small teams, the participants – questionnaires in hand and with the help of a map of the village of Scy-Chazelles – are ready to explore Europe.

Clues about its history, traditions and cultures await them in the streets of the village. European guides and accompanying adults (teachers and parents) are in charge of their own group, helping the students answer the questions. At the end of the activity, questionnaires are all corrected and the best teams are given a small prize. 

Open to: students aged 8 years old and up

European Scavenger Hunt:

Duration: 1h30

Price: 75 € per group of maximum 30 students / 50 € for each additional team