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Challenges and Issues of the European Union

Challenges and issues of the European Union:

European simulation and role play

The aim of this European simulation and of this role play is to turn the participants into active members of the EU policy and to make them understand concretly how the major bodies of the EU work. 

This simulation game comprises up to three meetings on current European issues (the European Council, General Affairs Council, the Foreign Affairs Council). Participants have at their disposal important documents helping them play their roles as the protagonists of European politics: a President, a Minister, a European Commissioner or a journalist. After rehearsing their role individually, participants elaborate within their group a common strategy of negotiations. All the participants are eventually invited to a meeting in order to strive for consensus and make a final decision.

The simulation can count until 12 groups of players (8 groups of member countries of the EU, 3 European Institutions, the European press and more than 60 identified roles). This simulation game be planned on 1, 2 or 3 days in a row depending on the number of selected simutations (1 per day). 

Open to: students ages 16 and up

Duration: one, two or three days

Price: contact us

Simulation game and role play, Centre mondial de la paix in Verdun