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Robert Schuman's legacy in today’s Europe

Understanding the history of European integration and creating your own European project

By the end of this module, the participants will have learned the principal steps of the construction of Europe. They will have a better understanding of the function of the Union and will be aware of the role that they can play in the process of European development.

Are Robert Schuman’s visionary ideas still relevant to the current concept of the European Union? A European guide will present the history of the construction of Europe from the Schuman Plan of 1950 to the current European institutions (successive enlargements, Europe's single currency, new challenges…).

In the second part of the activity, students split up in small groups in a 'World Café' type event, work on a specific topic of current European issues using the material available on site with the help of the European guide and the accompanying teachers.

At the end of the workshop, each group presents its work (e.g. a poster, a short sketsch, a story) to their classmates.

Please Note: This module may be shortened to just the first part, i.e., the presentation by the moderator/lecturer. In this case, the activity lasts for one hour. If you would prefer this option, please let us know when you contact us to book the activity.

Open to: from 15 to 18 years old

Duration: 2h30 (long version), 1h15 (short version)

Price: 150 € (long version), 100 € (short version) per group of maximum 30 students



CERS EXCLUSIVE: Historical comic book "Robert Schuman, un Mosellan au coeur de l'Europe".

This comic book evokes, through the life of Robert Schuman, important events of the twentieth century: a pleasant way to discover European history and the fight of the "Fathers of Europe" to guarantee peace on the continent and thus to secure the future of current and future generations.

Available in French only.
It can be ordered by the teachers for their students and distributed at the end of the activity. Special pricing for groups (please contact us).