Eurocubes: Europe explained to children

This game aims to assess and raise the awareness of participants to the cultural dimension of Europe.

New and improved activity for 2017!

This activity was designed to show this new generation who will never know intra-European borders, some cultural peculiarities of each Member State of the European Union.
Children must build totems corresponding to some European Union countries from painted wooden cubes. By stacking the cubes in the right order, an illustration appears on each face of the totem: a storyteller, a culinary specialty, a famous monument... Each totem is then placed on the playing mat representing the map of the European Union. The activity leader then comments on the illustrations with the children, tells a story, sings with them, etc.
To evaluate the recent knowledge acquired by the children, a typical object of each European country seen during the activity is placed on a table. The children must put all the objects on the corresponding totems!
At the end of the activity, each child receives a small European surprise, in memory of this day of meeting with Europe.

Open to: students aged 5-7 years old
Duration: 1 h 15
Price: 75 € per group of maximum 30 students


CERS EXCLUSIVE: A fun and educational book to discover Europe from the age of 5!

Discover Europe with Vasco and Pamina. Throughout the pages of this first volume dedicated to the European continent, we discover each country, its geographic location and the main information that characterises it. Each country is illustrated with its flag to allow the students to easily remember its location.

Available in French only.
It can be ordered by the teachers for their students and distributed at the end of the activity. Special pricing for groups (please contact us).