Come on over!

“It is a real cultural problem in Europe that we don’t really know our neighbours.”

Jean-Claude Juncker



Entertaining fun game to couple with another activity

A hilarious card game, "Come on over!" presents many funny but real facts about the 27 members of the European Union. 

"Come on over!" is a surprising card game, in which each country of the EU reveals its particularities: Who are the biggest consumers of coffee? Italians? No, Finns! Where was the crazy bathtub regatta invented? In Belgium, of course!

While playing "Come on over!" you will use these fun facts to convince your partners to come visit the country you represent.  

By focusing on the surprising and rich diversity of the EU, "Come on over!" allows us to rediscover our continent and to strike up a casual conversation about Europe that goes beyond the usual clichés. Pack your suitcase and discover:

  • more than 100 fun facts about the 28 countries of the EU;
  • a quirky game to tell fun stories; to
  • stretch your imagination; and to
  • laugh!


Audience: From the age of 16 and up (available in French, English and German)

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 75 € per group of maximum 30 people