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Trainings and creation of european events at the CERS

The strategic missions of the European and intercultural workshops 

  1. Raise the non-formal education as a means to understand better the European idea, 
  2. Multiply the debates about crises and European politics so as to get the Union closer to the citizen and give to the youth the opportunity to react, to participate in the European democracy as active participants and to think together of the future of the EU,
  3. Through a multiperspective approach, understand the European identity through the values, the history, the culture and the common institutions (EU, Council of Europe, etc.), 
  4. Make young people aware of the intercultural dimension and reinforce their intercultural skills, 
  5. Promote the mobility of European citizens, especially among young people, and contribute to the recognition of their skills through the use of Europass and Youthpass, 
  6. Encourage more environmently-friendly ways of life, consumption and production, 
  7. Fight against stereotypes, especially those linked to gender and nationality, 
  8. Develop creativity and initiative, 
  9. Make young people aware of fundamental rights, development policies on a global scale and of the role of the EU in the world, 
  10. Support the employability of young people. 

The European and intercultural workshops and activities are focused on these strategic missions proposed by the Robert Schuman European Centre, House of Europe in Scy-Chazelles. 

The educational service offers customised services: you chose pedagogical workshops described below so as to make YOUR own European programme of a half-day, a full day or several days.

Workshops and activities are ranked by academic level: primary school, middle school, high school, universities.

All of our workshops are well adapted to bilingual exchanges (French & German, French & English or French & Spanish). 

During a workshop


Reminder: Teachers and accompanying adults are solely responsible for students during their visit in Scy-Chazelles. At the end of the workshop, students and teachers are given appropriate brochures. 

You can chose between several European workshops

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