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A network serving the rapprochement of French and German citizens, in the perspective of building a united, democratic and united Europe, based primarily on the understanding of all the peoples that compose it.

Give new momentum to the cultural cooperation initiated by Twinning


The cornerstones of European and international cooperation, twinning between cities and municipalities is one of the fundamental dimensions of European identity. Europe is born from the meetings; it is the fundamental mission of all twinnings! The signing of a partnership agreement, a charter or a declaration provides a political framework for cooperation and represents a decisive first step that needs to be completed by the active participation of citizens, joint activities, visits, projects and youth meetings.

The Grand'Est Franco-German regional network of the Federation of Franco-German Associations (FAFA) is the network of Franco-German and other twinnings in the East of France. The communities, institutions and associations that lead a twinning can join the network.


Why join?

  • Accompany members with legal and technical recommendations, strategic advice, communication tools and materials, technical guides and briefing notes;
  • Inform members through a website dedicated to members, an electronic newsletter and thematic days;
  • Consolidate and modernise Twinning through a twinning modernisation programme encompassing seven projects.

You will find all the additional information here.