From the sources of the declaration of May 9, 1950, to the current challenges of the European integration in  5 video 
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All conferences can be offered as virtual events.



The CERS benefits from the national accreditation of a complementary educational association for public education (2020-2025).

The CERS is approved " Youth and popular education" (in French "Jeunesse et éducation populaire") (2019-2024).

> (for school groups and adults)

CERS offers cultural tours to discover pioneers of Europe and of democracy, the spirit of peace and reconciliation and other European values. The detailed program of these tours is developped in cooperation with the partners.


> Looking for European Activity Leaders

  The Robert Schuman European Centre (CERS) - House of Europe of Scy-Chazelles, is ...

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> Internship Offer - October 2019

Internship Offer at the Robert Schuman European Centre (CERS) European Projects ...

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> European Solidarity Corps (ECS) at Centre Européen Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles in France

Centre Européen Robert Schuman (CERS) - Maison de l’Europe de Scy-Chazelles, is look...

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