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Lectures and Discussions

I don't want to hear about Europe, I want to talk about it! 
All conferences can be offered as virtual events.


The Lectures - Debates 2020-2021

The CERS spokesperson invites you to discuss with him or her the topics of current European events. All lectures are illustrated with pictures: Maps, graphics, documents, photos, etc. At the end of the presentation, participants are invited to ask questions and discuss with the speaker. You can select one of the following topics. For specific topics, you can contact the Education Service.

Geopolitical approaches:

Europe: the challenge of a geopolitical and geo-economic transformation

Sovereignty, Security and Defence

Europe and the 70 million refugees worldwide.

Europe - Quo vadis after the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic?

USA - China - EU: Risks of world trade, currency and social wars

European institutions and policies

70th anniversary: Did Robert Schuman's declaration of 9 May 1950 keep its promises? (available in English language)

2019-2024: The strategic programme of the European Union

EU: from the founding of Robert Schuman to current challenges

The heritage of European values

The great challenges of the European Union - to be European and patriotic.

European Union: the challenge of environmental and social transition

Building and Developing Social Europe

The challenge of solidarity between the Member States of the European Union

Europe and its prospects

Does Europe need a constitution? Democracy in the European Union

France - Germany:

What really distinguishes Germany from France

Education for a democratic and civic culture:

The European Reference Framework "Competences for a Democratic Culture".

Teaching aids for democracy education


Languages available: French or German

Material conditions: all conferences are accompanied by a digital presentation; materials to be provided by the organisers: video projector, screen and, depending on the number of participants, two microphones including one wireless for questions from the public; windows covers for the room, depending on ambient light.

Rates: depending on the subject and the public + reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs.

Contact: tel. ou centre-robert-schuman@centre-robert-schuman.org