European Information

European Information

In collaboration with the EuropeDirect Offices in the Greater Region of SaarlandLorraineLuxembourg–Rhineland-Palatinate–Wallonia–French and German Communities of Belgium, the CERS distributes leaflets with general information on European institutions at the reception desk of the House of Robert Schuman and during its events.

We also answer ad-hoc questions, mostly asked by teachers.

The network of volunteer lecturers

In order  to disseminate European information and to bring it closer to citizens, the CERS has developed and is maintaining a network of German and French-speaking volunteer lecturers in the whole Greater Region of Saarland-Lorraine-Luxembourg–Rhineland-Palatinate–Wallonia–French and German Communities of Belgium in close collaboration with the following associations : Europ'Âge Saar-Lor-Lux and AGIR abcd in Moselle.

The training workshop for the German-speaking lecturers from Europ'Âge Saar-Lor-Lux provided by the Robert Schuman European Centre received the European Citizen's Prize awarded by the European Parliament in 2011.

European Children’s Book Fair

The CERS is a partner of the European Children’s book fair which takes place every year in May in Saarbrücken (Germany).

It gathers authors and illustrators of documentary books from different European countries. Several events for children, parents and teachers are also planned.

This fair contributes to intercultural dialogue.

European Café: to discover European countries

The CERS occasionnaly organises a European Café to present and make you discover an EU country or a European theme in a fun way. It is a unique occasion to discover the cultural diversity of Europe and to make the European motto "United in diversity" a reality.

You will discover a country through several fun activities like quizzes, food tastings, language activites, etc.

In addition to developping your knowledge about Europe, you will have the possibility to meet new people from all over the world and exchange with them! Europe emerges from the encounters of Europeans!

Sarah Declercq (BE, European volunteer), organiser of the European Cafe