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Presentation of Activities of the CERS

The main statutory activities of the CERS

For Europe ! The Robert Schuman European Centre (CERS) develops services, educational methods and innovative practices in the field of information and socio-educational and socio-cultural activities about Europe and interculturality.

In general, the educative, European and intercultural approach of the CERS promotes active participation in representative democracy, or “learning to participate”, for the young, as well as for those of disadvantaged backgrounds.

All the European activities of the CERS are multilingual, and particularly in the two most widely spoken languages in Europe: French and German. The activities are also available in Spanish or English depending on the origin of the participants and their language proficiency.

The socio-educational and socio-cultural activities of the CERS are part of extra-curricular education. They are organised by professionals and volunteers, particularly European volunteers, and help to develop the democratic and active European citizenship of the participants.

The activities of the Robert Schuman European Centre, House of Europe of Scy-Chazelles can take very different forms, such as activities in the Robert Schuman Museum, the production of pedagogical tools, training workshops and European events.

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