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Robert Schuman european Centre

The Centre Robert Schuman invites you in the House of Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles, France.

In order to enhance the heritage of the Robert Schuman House, a museum listed as a European Cultural Heritage, the Moselle Department, the Municipality of Scy-Chazelles and the Robert Schuman Association have decided to pool real estate resources and collections of the Robert Schuman Museum. The Robert Schuman European Centre in Scy-Chazelles, House of Europe in Scy-Chazelles, association (law of 1908), was created on the 9th of May, 2000 with the mission to make known the work of Robert Schuman and to contribute to the international development and enlivenment of the Scy-Chazelles site (see report by the President of the General Council of the Moselle, 5th Animation et Tourisme Commission, 2nd quarterly meeting of 1999).


Robert Schuman Museum


The Robert Schuman European Centre (CERS) brings together the local authorities that own part of the Robert Schuman site (General Council of the Moselle and the Municipality of Scy-Chazelles) and organisations dedicated to the promotion of the memory of President Robert Schuman and the European Idea: the Robert Schuman Foundation and the Robert Schuman Association.
The CERS does not pursue any profit, political, religious or philosophical goals. It is financially supported by the European Union (Commission and European Parliament), the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (European Affairs), the General Council of the Moselle, the Robert Schuman Foundation (Paris), the Robert Schuman Association, the Franco-German Youth Office, etc.

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Why a European site of remembrance in Scy-Chazelles?

It was in his home in Scy-Chazelles that Robert Schuman made the decision to assume the political responsibility to engage in the unification of Europe. This is what Jean Monnet declared on the 3rd of October, 1965 in Scy-Chazelles: "Robert Schuman is creditted with great merit for committing himself as Minister of Foreign Affairs to a proposal whose purpose was not only to reconcile France and Germany, but also gradually to establish a new form of relations between European countries. It was in calm of Scy-Chazelles that, on a Sunday of May 1950, he made the political choice from which came the construction of Europe. The next day, back in Paris, he called me: 'I accept, for me, it's decided!' He told me. He knew how to convince the government to which he belonged. France, a few days later, knew how to convince Europe."

The museum and the House of Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles, a site of the General Council of the Moselle, have been classified, on the proposal of the French Government, to the European Cultural Heritage.

The Robert Schuman European Centre, House of Europe of Scy-Chazelles, intends to contribute to the duty to maintain the memory of the founding fathers as well as that of the Promoters of human rights, democracy and European values.

In general, the informative and educational action of the CERS updates the participants' knowledge with its activities and, in particular, that of the visitors to the Robert Schuman Museum on the European fact (the public must not dwell on the European vision of 1950), promotes active participation in representative democracy or learning to participate (for the youngest, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds). The activities of the Centre all have a European and intercultural dimension; they are based on the values of European integration and make the policies implemented by the European Union understandable for the citizen.

All of the European activities organised by the CERS are multilingual according to the participants' origin and their language skills in order to demonstrate unity in diversity.


Robert Schuman Museum


Geographical impact of the CERS's action:

The main objective of the Centre is to enliven the Robert Schuman Museum in Scy-Chazelles and to increase the flow of audiences. This is why the most of its activities are centred on the Scy-Chazelles site.

The Centre also develops events, particularly for the general public, and training courses, especially for teachers, in other cities, regions and countries across Europe (see list of active partnerships). The aim of these decentralized events is, on the one hand, to contribute to the influence of the thought of Robert Schuman and the other founders of Europe and, on the other hand, to increase the visibility of the Scy-Chazelles site in order to attract a maximum of visitors.         

The offices of the Robert Schuman European Centre

2 rue Robert Schuman. 57160 Scy-Chazelles

Telephone: +33 3 87 60 10 15

Email: centre-robert-schuman@wanadoo.fr.



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