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The museum of Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles

The Robert Schuman Museum and the Garden of Plants from our Region: a site of the General Council of the Moselle is listed as European Cultural Heritage


Property of the General Council of the Moselle after the death of Robert Schuman, the site was managed until 2000 by volunteers of the Robert Schuman Association, House of Europe of Scy-Chazelles. Since that date, the Robert Schuman House is a museum establishment of the General Council of the Moselle; as such, it has benefited from extensive renovation and extension work funded by the Moselle Department with the assistance of the Robert Schuman Foundation (Paris) and the European Union.


The fortified church of St. Quentin, property of the Municipality of Scy-Chazelles, was the subject of a major renovation with the assistance of the Robert Schuman Foundation (Paris), the Ministry of Culture, the General Council of the Moselle and the Commune of Scy-Chazelles.


The Robert Schuman Museum and House: a visit to the roots of Europe


It is in Scy-Chazelles, on the slopes of the Metz surroundings, that during a weekend of April 1950, Robert Schuman, then Minister of Foreign Affairs, had the audacity to conceive a "bold act" which would change the course of history. In collaboration with other European statesmen, this great visionary created the conditions for lasting peace in Europe.


Enter the intimacy of Robert Schuman by visiting his home, a typical Lorraine home of the 1950s. Discover the beginnings of European construction through an interactive museum space. Enjoy the architecture of the fortified church of Saint-Quentin of the twelfth century, listed as a historic monument, where the Father of Europe rests.


Throughout the year, a programme adapted to all audiences and varied temporary exhibitions will allow you to better understand Europe, to discover Robert Schuman in other facets and to spend pleasant moments.


Garden of Plants from our Region: glean new inspirations in a garden of yesteryear


Overlooking the valley of the Moselle, a few kilometers from Metz, the smallest of the Gardens without Limits invites you to discover forgotten plants designed by some of the greatest horticulturists of the early twentieth century. Your walk will take you from the undergrowth, particularly pleasant during hot weather, the vegetable garden, through the classical garden.


This green space is the setting of the Robert Schuman House, a garden where the Father of Europe loved to relax. Draw good ideas for decorations or plant associations.

Pratical Information

Address of site : 8-12 rue Robert Schuman – 57160 Scy-Chazelles

Tel. (00 33) 03 87 35 01 40

Fax (00 33) 03 87 35 01 49

Email: maison-robert-schuman@cg57.fr

Website : www.maison-robert-schuman.eu




  1. Adenauer Parking (bus and car parking): rue de Moulins in Scy-Chazelles, with secure pedestrian access from the bottom of the parking lot all the way to the Robert Schuman House (5 minutes walking, note the slight incline)
  2. Monnet Parking (exclusively for cars), chemin des Noques à Scy-Chazelles

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Accessibility for handicapped persons

The Museum (permanente exposition space, temporary and video room) is entirely accessible to people with limited mobility thanks to an elevator. A ramp allows access to the ground floor at Robert Schuman House (the upper floor is not accessible) and to the vegetable garden. However, the Saint-Quentin church is not accessible.