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European workshops

Start enjoying the european workshops proposed by the CERS

The Robert Schuman European Centre leads actions towards students and teachers aiming at:

  • reinforcing the link between Europe and its citizens,
  • discovering the values and history of European integration, 
  • raising awareness on the future and challenges of Europe. 

The educational mission led by the CERS towards young people meets 4 general expectations: 

  1. Become more familiar with the role of the EU in the society, develop citizenship and the European culture especially at school and among the actors of education,
  2. Understand the values defended by the EU and the Council of Europe, 
  3. Help understand the history of the European idea and integration, the Founding Fathers and the Promoters of the Human Rights and European democracy. 
  4. Integrate annual priorities of the European Commission every year.

The workshop 'Eurocubes'

Workshop at the Robert Schuman Museum in Scy-Chazelles


The educational and intercultural service of the Robert Schuman European Centre, House of Europe in Scy-Chazelles, enlivens the Robert Schuman Museum, a site belonging to the General Council of Moselle.

The educational service offers field trips with a selection of around 15 European workshops to more than 5000 students per year.

The General Council of Moselle, owner of the site, put in the care of the CERS by contract the enlivenment of the museum and house of Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles as well as the organisation of projects, exchanges and training workshops for students so as to promote European citizenship and knowledge of European cultures. Its mission is also to host the general public at the Robert Schuman Museum.

The field trips are proposed to primary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, recreation centres, etc. on the site of Scy-Chazelles paired with a visit of the Robert Schuman Kouse or directly in the schools.

While simultaneously offering activities to students, the CERS also proposes a programme dedicated to adults: European day in Scy-Chazelles for NGOs, conferences/lectures, cultural European journeys, etc…


During the Day of Europe celebrations