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Teaching Europe: REPERES

REPERES is an innovative approach to training about European citizenship based on placing the learner's family and personal history within the perspective of the history of the European construction.

By anchoring historical, political, economic, cultural knowledge, etc. transmitted during the training, with  personal feeling, one can encourage the appropriation by the learner of the meaning of the European project. This allows them to place themselves within it while being made aware of their place and ability to act in its environment.

Learners will develop during REPERES training the fundamental skills of citizenship education (judge, choice, decision, justification, argumentation, discussion, reactiveness, commitment, etc.) and acquire skills in cooperation, communication and critical analysis.

REPERES is a tool perfectly adapted for an intergenerational project. The objective is to set up a methodology for training in European citizenship that allows trainees:

-to become aware of the strong European bond that unites them by sharing their individual stories and experiences;
-to discover European citizenship and its values;
-to think together about active civic engagement.

The REPERES module forms a coherent whole based on a pedagogical progression. The main module can be used in a complete training which takes place over 32 hours. The additional modules are to be used in accordance with the learners' requests (or needs) for explanations, or in a complete approach to training in active European citizenship which lasts over 8 hours.

They can also be implemented autonomously and independently of each other.

REPERES was produced by the following multidisciplinary European teams:

-Robert Schuman European Centre & European Network for Education and Training (EUNET)
-Virtual Center for Knowledge on Europe (CVCE) Luxembourg
-House of Europe in Toulouse – Midi-Pyrenees
-The Europe House of Rhodes

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SA: sharing of identical initial conditions (under the same Creative Commons options as the original work) for so-called derivative works offered to the public


The general presentation documents of the REPERES didactic approach: :

REPERES - General presentation note of the REPERES didactic modules

REPERES - Methodology note 1 - conducting a REPERES training

REPERES - Methodology note 2 - pedagogy - didactics - learning 

To the instructions for trainers

To the presentations and didactic tools

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